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Ticket Xpress e-voucher
Issued by Edenred, “Ticket Xpress e-voucher” is the leading brand of digital vouchers in Taiwan, with over 10 million e-vouchers issued in 2018, covering 518 items in an extensive range of categories, such as department stores, hypermarkets, supermarkets, convenience stores, F&B, travel, transportation, art and life, consumer electronics, leisure and entertainment, and so on. Partnering with major brands in Taiwan, Ticket Xpress e-voucher can be seen in our daily lives, including online movie ticket bookings at VIESHOW CINEMAS, online shopping at Carrefour, convenience stores, and major banks.

Benefits of Ticket Xpress e-voucher

Enterprises, large and small, enjoy the benefits of Ticket Xpress e-voucher
  • denomination choice
  • storage costs
  • delivery costs
  • delivery time
  • delivery and follow-up
  • customized greetings
  • environmentally friendly choice
  • Ticket Xpress e-voucher
  • a wide variety of denominations
  • no storage pressure for virtual vouchers
  • sent via SMS/electronic catalogue with low delivery costs
  • sent via SMS/electronic catalogue in real time
  • nominated e-vouchers allow for query, comparison, and record keeping
  • flexible, easy, low costs
  • more environmentally friendly with less paper use
  • Paper voucher
  • less variety of denomination
  • storage and inventory pressure for physical vouchers
  • high mail delivery costs
  • mail delivery takes 3 to 7 working days
  • if lost, the beneficiary cannot be compensated
  • additional costs are incurred
  • mass printing of paper vouchers depletes resources
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