Ticket Xpress B2C Page(en)

Consumers can redeem or purchase the Ticket Xpress e-voucher they prefer with their points or credit cards at the following platforms.
Choose a redemption platform most convenient for you
  • popular redemption items
  • redeem with credit card points
  • movie ticket bookings
  • 拍享券
    Pi Wallet-Ticket Xpress e-voucher covers over 50 franchise brands. Consumers can purchase with P-coins on their Pi Wallet or with other payment tools. All vouchers can be used immediately after purchase.
  • LINE COOL (please open on your phone and click LINE COOL)
    “LINE COOL” upgraded! Redeem upon purchase and earn reward points!Merchandise can be redeemed immediately after purchase, while consumers earn LINE Points.
  • Shopee
    Ticket Xpress e-voucher is also available at Shopee, featuring a variety of brands, making it convenient for users to enjoy all kinds of discounts.
  • Gomaji咖啡館
    Gomajii Café—coffee can be purchased directly in GOMAJI APP and redeemed at over 5,000 stores on 9 major channels, including FamilyMart, McDonald’s, cama café, 85°C Bakery Café, etc.
  • Ticket Xpress即享券商城
    CTBC credit card holders can get digital vouchers from famous brands and chains at Ticket Xpress CTBC Shop with their reward points, including 7-ELEVEN, Carrefour, Pacific SOGO Department Stores, and Wowprime. The e-voucher can be used at stores immediately after redemption, allowing users to enjoy digital vouchers right away.
  • 華得來
  • 國泰優惠APP
    Download and log in My Rewards App of Cathay United Bank, and you can get Ticket Xpress e-voucher with your reward points anytime and enjoy discounts from time to time.
  • 富邦兌好康
    Log in to Fubon Bonus (https://creditcard.taipeifubon.com.tw/FBBonus/fubonbonus) and get Ticket Xpress e-voucher with your Fubon bonus points, spanning F&B, leisure and entertainment.
  • Ticket Xpress即享券威秀影城訂位網站
    Redeem your VIESHOW e-voucher online by selecting the cinema, movie, and seat you prefer.