Ticket Xpress® Fully Supports Google Pay

With the official launch of Google Pay, Edenred, the digital voucher partner of Google Pay, announced its Ticket Xpress® digital voucher is now fully supporting Google Pay to provide a seamless mobile payment experience to Google Pay users.

The collaboration between Google Pay and Ticket Xpress is expected to extend Google Pay’s usage to Ticket Xpress merchant network, which consist of 134,491 stores from 71 large brands.

Edenred’s Ticket Xpress is the largest digital voucher network in Taiwan, covering a total of 13,449 stores of 71 well-known big retailers & chained restaurants. In 2017, over 8 millions of Ticket Xpress digital vouchers have been sold to corporate customers, as well as reward programs and employee benefits market. Prior the collaboration of Ticket Xpress and Google Pay, Google has purchased Ticket Xpress digital vouchers for user acquisition campaign for Android Pay in Taiwan market. In European market, Edenred’s flagship product Ticket Restaurant card has been supporting Android Pay in Spain since 2017.

With the officially support for Google Pay, Android phone users are now able to manage their Ticket Xpress digital vouchers through Google Pay simply by tabbing “Save to Google Pay” button. Once the Ticket Xpress digital voucher has been saved into Google Pay, it will provide full details and live status of the digital voucher. Android phone users can also easily use their Ticket Xpress digital vouchers simply by open Google Pay and present the redemption QR-Code/barcode to merchants, saving from the hassle of rummage from long list of SMS or emails. If the merchant also accepts Google Pay redemption, then the mobile payment and digital voucher redemption can be completed within Google Pay, providing a seamlessly payment experiences for Google Pay users.

In addition to offering extended acceptance retailers and an integrated mobile payment user experiences to Google Pay users, the collaboration between Ticket Xpress and Google Pay is expected to onboard a considerable new users to Google Pay with Edenred’ over 5 million user base in Taiwan.

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