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Two Giants Join Forces to Celebrate the Moon Festival—Edenred Partners with McDonald’s Taiwan to Launch McDonald’s Ticket Xpress e-voucher with up to 30% Discounts at Various Platforms

2019 . 09 . 12

McDonald’s Taiwan joined forces with Edenred Taiwan to roll out McDonald’s Ticket Xpress e-voucher, tapping into the e-voucher and mobile payment market and offering a variety of discounts at major reward point platforms to celebrate the Mid-Autumn Festival. 

台灣麥當勞與電子票券商龍頭「Edenred台灣 」合作,首度推出「麥當勞商品即享券」
Edenred Taiwan partners with McDonalds Tiawan to launch McDonald’s Ticket Xpress

Edenred, the global leader in payment solutions for the working world, has been a major enabler of voucher digitization in Taiwan. According to the research by Pollster in 2018, around 90% consumers had received or used e-voucher within the past one year. E-voucher has been well-received by the public, and one of the most popular e-vouchers is the ones that can be redeemed at fast food chains.

According to McDonald’s Taiwan, people’s demand for e-gifting and e-shopping has been rising, which propels major brands to speed up their digitization in order to win the wallet share of consumers. Thus, McDonald’s Taiwan teamed up with Edenred Taiwan to launch McDonald’s Ticket Xpress e-voucher, a brand new product-based e-voucher service following the rollout of its stored-value card, aiming to gain a foothold in the trending and fiercely competitive reward points market.

E-voucher of fast food is one of the most popular e-voucher in Taiwan

Edenred Taiwan pointed out that it had been committed to the Taiwan market for over a decade with its innovative products, mature technologies and business. Since 2010, Edenred has built up its mobile e-voucher network in Taiwan featuring Ticket Xpress. McDonald’s Taiwan is a leading player in Taiwan’s fast food chain, offering a full range of digital payments. The partnership between Edenred Taiwan and McDonald’s Taiwan in the rollout of McDonald’s Ticket Xpress e-voucher enables more consumers to access and redeem the top-selling McDonald’s products with their reward points or via corporate gifting as well as enjoy the convenient product-based e-vouchers thanks to Edenred’s comprehensive e-voucher network.

歡慶中秋 「麥當勞商品即享券」各大平台推出優惠
To celebrate the Moon Festival, McDonald’s Ticket Xpress are available at major reward point platforms with up to 30% discount

To celebrate the launch of McDonald’s Ticket Xpress e-voucher, discounts are available at major reward point platforms, partners of Edenred Taiwan. In addition to the exclusive discounts offered at LINE GIFTSHOP, consumers can redeem with their reward points or purchase popular items, including Big Mac, Vanilla Cone, Sausage McMuffin, and Chicken McCrispy, at Pi Wallet and enjoy up to 30% discounts. McDonald’s Ticket Xpress e-voucher will be available in more channels, such as the reward point platforms of banks and e-commerce merchants, with a wide range of options, including single items, combo meals, and e-vouchers in bulk. Consumers can not only convert their reward points into the McDonald’s meals they prefer but also use them in convenient and thoughtful online gifting.

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